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Full Guide Exam

This is a multi-day field event in a variety of marine environments run by the ACSKG, or ACSKG accredited guide course providers.  There are up to three examiners, no more than one of whom can be from any specific or associated company, unless otherwise authorized by the Evaluation Committee.  All examiners must concur for a pass.

Please contact us if you are interested in taking an exam; with enough advance notice we may be able to organize an exam that fits your schedule.
For more information, see:  Exam Schedule


To be eligible as an Examiner for the ACSKG you must have logged 350 days as a Full Guide, at least 250 of which were in CWC Class II.  You must also be recommended by another ACSKG Examiner.
An Examiner may examine for a maximum of three years unless the Evaluation Committee determines to extend the term, in which case it is on an annual basis.

Exam Hosts

Leadership course providers may apply to become ACSKG accredited guide training programs.  Providers of ACSKG accredited programs can host full guide exams.  Please contact us for details.

Exam Schedule

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