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All existing ACSKG maps are available free.

ACSKG certified guides can request the Association to create a new classification map for any coastal water.  The ACSKG can create detailed micro-classification maps for localized areas situated within our existing larger maps.  We are also able to create classification maps for nearly any other region worldwide.

Creating a new map is a complicated process that can take several weeks to complete.  The ACSKG charges $250 per map, payable in advance.

Before paying for a map request,
please contact us for more information.

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Coastal Water Classifications (CWC)
A three-tiered categorization of coastal waters that considers topography, bathymetry, fetch, tidal action, marine traffic and local anomalies affecting sea kayak risk management.  Boundaries are identified on ACSKG Water Classification Maps.
Guide to client ratios are determined by water classification and the type of kayaks used; single kayaks, double kayaks or a mixed fleet consisting of both single and double kayaks.

Class I  Protected waters
Guide requirements:  An ACSKG Certified Full Guide with smaller groups, or; an ACSKG Certified Full Guide and an Assistant Guide with larger groups.

Class II  Open coastal waters
Guide requirements:  An ACSKG Certified Full Guide and an Assistant Guide.

Class III  High energy waters with minimal refuge
Guide requirements:  An ACSKG Certified Class III Full Guide and an Assistant Guide.

Guide to Client Ratios
Association of Canadian Sea Kayak Guides
Class I 1:4
2:5 to 8
2:6 to 10
2:7 to 10
Class II 2:6 2:8 2:10
Class III 2:4 2:6 2:8

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